Dr. Lina Thakar Designed and Customized Super-Specialty Panchakarma Program




 When you apply to our program, you are investing in your own health. We are committed to your positive results and success. 

Call 727 - 400 - 4255 to enroll or for questions 

Are you experiencing health struggles such as fatigue, weight issues, chronic sickness, pain or depressed mindset and you don't want to depend on conventional 'ONLY PILL' approach? 

Here is your opportunity to design your holistic health with an Ayurveda Doctor and Holistic Health Mentor. 


I have designed the 6 month Holistic Health Mentoring Program to help you improve your health applying my proven holistic healing principles! 

You KNOW in your heart & soul exactly that you don't want to mask the problems with only pills, you want to address the cause to reverse back to balanced health and you prefer natural healing process.

You just need the guidance support, accountability and direction to make it happen. A holistic doctor to help take you by the hand and show you the way. And not just any cookie cutter way - a way that is aligned and right for YOU so you take consistent action and design your health naturally in the best way! 

 With 2 decades of experience working with clients assisting them to heal holistically by applying integrative approach to initiate healing, I can help you heal in the most self-caring natural process Ayurveda Healing. You can prevent and heal fatigue, weight issues, reverse chronic sickness potentially and also heal from a depressed mindset.

Have questions? Here are the details!

Is this private or group mentoring?

This is private 1:1 coaching. You and I will have our own private session in person or on zoom online video platform through which we meet.

We will meet alternate month starting with 1:1 Private Consultation followed by 2 laser sessions.

We will also meet weekly for consistent connect and check in on my virtual office hours for 6 months.


When do you have your virtual office hours?

I will do office hours where I will respond to your questions on Tuesdays during Noon -1 Eastern Time.


How long does the program run for?

The program runs for 6 months -  March, April, May, June  July and August


Is this an online course?

It is NOT A COURSE that you are left on your own. This is a PROGRAM that you will be consistently working me . As your Ayurveda Doctor you will closely work with me 1:1 alternate month and weekly on virtual office hours in group setting so specific momentum can be maintained for your unique healing process.


What is the cost?

My holistic health mentoring 'Heal Without a Pill' program for receiving powerful customized guidance and accountability to design your holistic healthcare.

You can pay in one single installment of $4200 or monthly installments of $750 for the 6 months of support.

It’s your turn to improve your health drastically by holistic healing method.

THE HEAL WITHOUT A PILL, my  holistic healing mentoring is your opportunity to create balanced health naturally. Because nothing is as powerful as supportive, 1:1 guidance customized for YOU with my consistent connect with you.

 Let's begin the natural healing process to achieve the results you want for a healthier life.

aiwi honors price reconsideration requests made by many clients to embrace dr lina thakar's panchakarma program. aiwi is pleased to announce $400/session investement for panchakarma. (effective immidiately)

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Specialized Integrative Wellness Healing Program for Natural Prevention & Well-being in the United States.