​Kind Words From Our Satisfied Guests

Kind Words From Our Satisfied Guests
Customized Panchakarma


Guest Testimonials 

Skin clearing up

M. M.

I had much skin irirattions and stress.

The Panchakarma experience was very relaxing and transformative. I loved all aspects of it.

Results - Skin cleaning up and much better after Panchakarma.

It was amazing to feel results so quickly

L. M.

Itching skin, back pain and anxiety

My PK Experience

WONDERFULLY NOURISHING AND HEALING. Also very much a learning experience! The treatments were very enjoyable and the staff was all caring and knowledgable.. Made me feel safe and deeply cared for. It was amazing to feel results so quickly. I am looking forward to continuing on the Ayurvedic Path of healing body, mind and spirit.

Pain is reduced and itching is reduced. Mentally feeling calm and relaxed.

For Autism - Experience shared by parents

P. A.

9 year old non-verbal autistic child.

Our child enjoyed the time at the center under care of Dr. Lina and Ayurvedic treatments conducted at the institute. Dr. Lina took time to explain the reasons for the treatments according to the principles of Ayurveda and the expected results.
Results :
He is more confident, more focused, calm and important of all, he is more pronounce about his choices/answers.
He is doing good at school.

Our personal note as parents - Gratification, faith, knowledge and peace.

Special Thanks - Dr. Lina and her entire staff at the Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute is very professional, caring and accomodating. There is a personal touch to the treatment
(highly customized to imbalance). Our son loved being here and felt comfortable and at home.

Thyroglobulin markers went down significantly. Cancer stopped

J G 2016

Health concernes - Post cancer treatment from thyroid cancer that had spread to lungs. Fatigue, anziety, breathing difficulty

Panchakarma - I completed 21 days Panchakamra program. It was deeply healing, Staff is highly skilled and professional. I am grateful for the healing program.

Results - Imporvement on all levels. Energy improved, Breathing deeply and at ease, sleep, digetion improved. I am most happy as cancer markers went significantly down and my doctor advsied to contineu what I am doing.

Thanks to Dr. Lina and Ayurveda Institute in Pittsburgh.

7 days Customized Panchakarma for Raynaud's disease

V. A.

( • Cold fingers and toes • Numb, prickly feeling or stinging pain upon warming or relief of stress)
98% relief, twice symptom felt with no severity at all
Plus feels calmer, digestion improved, relief from gases and bloating.


C. V.

Health Concerns - Tense, Skin rash, Hypertension


This place is awesome, the setting, the music and all the technicians are wornderful and very talented in their own way! THANKS TO DR LINA for setting this up.

Again Pittsburgh is LUCKY to have her.

Staff - as above all technicians are very good at what they do! Front desk staff is too very pleasant and helping.

Results - I am sure Panchakarma is working from WITHIN. Skin is already showing significant improvement.

Great improvement in MOST symotoms

A S 2016

Health concerns - Headaches, Back pain, Eye twitching, anxiety

My Panchakarma experience - everything was absolutely amazing. My symptoms went down a lot. Feel general mental and physical improvement

Staff was outstanding, I am absolutely grateful for their skills and great personality.


Wonderful, Makes me FEEL GOOD

R J (Cancer Healing)

10 Day Panchkarma Program -Cancer healing

  • Health Concerns – Joint soreness, Tired, Stomach problems, Gassey
  • My Panchakarma experience

Wonderful, Relaxing, healing, invigorating, pacifying, wonderful, wonderful, Make s me FEELgood.

My sweet cravings are completely gone which is a miracle for me.

  • Staff – Excellent, very helpful and professional.
  • Results – Wonderfully healed and relaxed. NO joint pains. Feel extremely calm. Very pleased. Already recommending others


J. B.

Health Concerns:

I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and feelings of disappointment.

My Panchakarma Experience:

It was very healing. The sessions themselves were soothing, detoxifying, and helped me to receive physical and emotional/spiritual care in a way that I rarely make time for. Each time I had the shirodhara treatment, it felt like my mother’s hand pressing against my forehead to calm me; such a beautiful experience! The post-session khichari was always delicious!


The staff was wonderful. Each of them made me feel truly cared for and contributed unique energy to each session.


The result of my Panchakarma is an increased sense of clarity, inner strength, and calmness.

Amazing, It was wonderful beyond words! This is definitely my healing place

A . (Cancer Healing)

10 Days Panchakarma Healing Program - Cancer healing

I have just finished 10 days of Panchakarma, Amazing, It was wonderful beyond words! Ayurevda Technican was such a tremendous ayurvedic technician. There are no words to describe this. This is definitely my healing place. Everyone is so kind and accommodating. Dr. Lina is exceptional and I am so glad to know her. When was the last time your doctor hugged you??

Lost 6 lbs in 10 day customized Panchakarma

L. E.

Guest for weight loss - 6 lbs lost in 10 day customized Panchakarma, plus feels calmer, lighter and happier. Continued herb protocol post pk.

LOSS OF APPROX 4.5 LBS after 5 days Panchakarma

J. M. (Corporate client)

5 days Panchakarma (for cleasning and weight loss)

  • Health concerns before PK -Feeling full, Wanting to cleanse digestive system, Wanting to release deep seated, negative emotions
  • My PK Experience

My 5 –Day PK was everything I expected. Facility was beautiful; consultation with Dr. Lina made me feel comfortable. Staff and services are wonderful. This was an authentic holistic health and luxury spa experience combined.

  • Staff –Vanessa is bright, attentive and proactive. Melissa energetic and efficient. Stephanie is methodical, thorough, knowledgeable d pays great attention to details. Her ayurvedic massage provided relief of neck and should tension. She wiped my pace with a damp towel though out Swedana. Stephanie too the time to explain each process and product while constructively increasing my understanding of and interest in Ayurveda.

Results –

  • Less knotting and pain in neck and shoulder
  • Slight flattening of upper abdomen following nabhi basti
  • Appreciation for and interest in Ayurveda
  • Appreciation for and interest in continuing vegetarian diet.

Excellent Results

L G. Attoney

Very Pleased, Emotional Detox and Skin became radiant, Jennifer was terrific.

My consultation with Dr. Lina was Phenomenal. I feel that I finally have some answers and a path to follow to achieve true wellness

P. W.

Main concern – Stress, Thyroid and Dizziness

My Panchakarma experience –

This was my first exposure to Ayurvedic Therapies and the 3 day session has been very therapeutic. After the first session, I felt a sense of deep internal calmness and a complete, smooth flow of energy from head to toe.

Staff – My consultation with Dr. Lina was Phenomenal. I feel that I finally have some answers and a path to follow to achieve true wellness. Thank you Dr. Lina!

Staff members have knowledge and expertise in these therapies along with caring touch contributed to my wonderful healing experience.

THEY KIND OF TOOK ME TO ANOTHER PLACE! Positive shift and improvement in health that showed in laboratory tests.

P. N.

Health Concerns:

Autoimmune Disorder, lack of focus, dry eye and skin, rigid nails, beginning signs of Osteoporosis, some anxiety.

My Panchakarma Experience:

It was very soothing and relaxing. They kind of took me to another place. It felt very healing. I can’t say enough about the Panchakarma experience, except that I feel thankful that I got to experience it.


All staff was very professional, excellent at what they do from the front desk attendants to the Ayurveda technicians. Every experience was pleasant.


Positive shift and improvement in health that showed in laboratory tests.

Surprising and lasting results

P. A.

10 days Panchakarma in October 2014

7 days Maintenance Panchakarma November 2015

Health Concerns -

Painful joints

Problems with blood pressure rising.

My Panchakarma Experience -

This has been a real healing experience for me. I first came in October of 2014 and had such reoccuring pain in knee and other joints. This has completely resolved for me and I am bale to be active again. This year I am returning for additional help and detoxification.

Staff - All the staff are welcoming and so kind. They are so knowledgeable. Dr. Lina walked me through each step and her follow up care is such as help.

Results - Surprising and lasting results.

Absence of health issues that I came here to heal

J. R.

3 Days Panchakarma Program - Digestive disorder and Nervous system imbalance

Health Concerns - Digestive issues: GERD, Stomach ulcers Car accident trauma: Mental fogginess, hot flashes and insomnia

My Panchakarma experience - ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Words are truly incapable of describing this experience. It has been TRANSFORMATIONAL, TRANSCENDENTAL AND above all else HEALING. The comfort and love of this experience and atmosphere has truly been blessing.

Results - Comfort and Calmness, Absence of health issues that I came here to heal.

An excellent finish to my Panchakarma experience. Look forward to a 5 day Panchakarma

A. (Corporate client)

3 days Panchakarma

An excellent finish to my Panchakarma experience. Ayurvedic Technician was excellent and the mantras from the mother divine Cd were both familiar and heart opening. I will be back for more and look forward to a 5 day Panchakarma. Peace love and light.

I feel like I have been reborn...


Dear Dr. Lina, Jen, Heather, Vanessa and Stephanie,

I have been in the Panchakarma for 5 days and so far I feel like I have been reborn. By day 4 I was experiencing no headaches at all which is like the greatest gift to me. The last 2 years have been miserable for me and I am really looking forward to getting another chance to live my life. I loved the way you all treated me like family, you are all great friends and I am sure I will continue to see you in the future. Thanks for your kindness and hard work!

Incredible! Seeing results for IBS and Psoriaisis

M. M. - Cleveland OH

Health Concerns - IBS, Psoriasis

My PK experience - Incredible, I felt REAL SHIFT happen. This was GREAT experience and I am already noticing symptom relief and changes in my health. REALLY JUST MAGICAL but I know it was not a magic, it's wisdom of such an ancient form of medicine and Dhanvantari working through me.

Staff at AIWI is magnificent. Absoulte incredible energy plus healing support. Wonderful staff with such calm and soothing energy.

Results - IBS healed COMPELTELY, I never believed it would ever go. Psoriasis too almost gone and will continue to heal since the program continues to heal further and deeper. Incredible result!

Good results, Extremely satisfying

N. S.

Health concerns before PK

  • Stress
  • High Pitta

My MINI- PK Experience

Extremely good and fulfilling. This is a good program


  • Very nice
  • Knew all the details of Ayurvedic massage
  • Very well trained and very pleasant to talk

Results –

  • Good results
  • Extremely satisfying

Less side-effects from chemo, Deeper Relaxation - Wonderful program for CANCER Healing

P F (Cancer Healing)

10 days Panchakarma Detox and Healing Program

  • Health concerns before PKToxicity from Chemo and Radiation
  • My PK Experience-

I didn’t realize how tense I was until I felt the warm and relaxation spread throughout my body, mind and soul. Truly an enlightening experience! I will continue chemo as long as necessary, but I will also continue to cleanse my body even longer!

  • Staff –Wonderfully talented, caring and conscientious.
  • Results –Better sleep, LESS side effects from chemo, deeper relaxation.

Lost 10 pounds in 10 days. Very positive results

K.M. - Florida

Health concerns - Weight loss (had tried many other programs, nothing had helped)

My PK experience - Very positive. I have COMPLETE TRUST IN DR. LINA. She was very helpful plus her explaination was very thoughtful.

Great bodywork staff, very caring plus professional. Deep healing touch.

Results - LOST 10 pounds in 10 DAYS. Very positive results.

I feel centered and integrated in my body

Business Owner

Mini -Panchakarma -

Name –D. M.

  • Health Concerns – Muscle stiffness and tightness in my body in general that drew too much of my awareness and attention.
  • My Panchakarma experience

While I have had many massages previously, the other treatments were new to me. The combination of different treatments ending with shirodhara left me with sense of wholeness. I feel centered and integrated in my body.

  • Staff –Both Gary and Caitlyn were excellent. I would highly recommend both.
  • Results – I feel centered, relaxed and filled with calm energy. I hope this feeling continues to expand over the next few weeks.

Panchakarma experience - VERY, very good

M. J.

Before Panchakarma - General stress levels and heart/circulatory health

Panchakarma experience - VERY, very good, Everything was clean, orderly and professional. Extremely enjoyable and relaxing. Will recommend to others.

Staff - Out standing staff, courteous and caring

Results - Outcome very good, BP reduced, stress seems better.

Lump reduced in size and softer

T. V.

5 Days Panchakarma Experience :

  • Health Concerns – Lump under arm muscle, aches, vaginal odor
  • My Panchakarma experience - My experience with Panchakarma was like a metaphysical surgery. The technicians used their skilled hands and energy to revitalize and heal my body at the cellular and spiritual center. Dr. Lina’s wisdom is deeply rooted in Ayurveda and treatments. She gently guided my consultation with an open heart
  • Staff –Gary, Caitlyn & Stephanie
  • Results – Lump reduced in size and softer. Vaginal odor gone. Muscles ache reduced.

The best gift to myself in a long time! Thank you, for your care and gifts at your work. By day nine, I finally “got it.”

L. E.

10 Day Panchkarma Program

Ten days of Panchakarma – the best gift to myself in a long time! Thank you all, for your care and gifts at your work. By day nine, I finally “got it.” I feel totally relaxed and whole. And thank you, Dr Lina, for helping to set everything up so smoothly. It’s been a really good month for me! Blessings in all of your future work.


J. A

Health Concerns:

Ongoing treatment for autism

My Panchakarma Experience:

Enjoyed 7-day Panchakarma sessions with staff. The entire experience with Dr. Lina and her staff was positive and uplifting.

Excellent! I will certainly be back!


Main concern – Tired. Lack of energy. Food cravings and sleeping too much

My Panchakarma experience –

Was wonderful. I feel so much better after just 5 days. Energy has returned, not sleeping/sleepy all the time. I feel focused and at peace.

Staff –Staff is fantastic, so kind, nurturing and fun as well, They out you totally at ease.

Results - Excellent, I certainly will be back.

I think we are definitively lucky to have Dr. Lina in Pittsburgh. I feel better considerably better. - Physician


10 days Panchakarma program

Health concerns before Panchakarma:

I was suffering from depression and fatigue related to stress at work and family.

My Panchakarma experience:

I have to say that Dr. Lina is very knowledgable. She patiently explained to me about Ayurveda principles of treatment and underlying disease process. I went through a 10 day Panchakarma program and it was fabulous. It was the best gift/retreat that I could ever give myself. The sessions were very relaxing and pleasant. I started noticing a difference in about the 4th treatment at which time I was somewhat irritable. However I started feeling better thereafter. I even lost 4 pounds during the sessions. I was much more relaxed and less stressed. The change in food habits to Ghee, Kitcheri and other foods related to my Dosha were very helpful with a noticeable change soon after I adopted the diet.


The staff were very courteous, spiritual, kind and patient. All staff memebers were all skilled therapists. They were very dedicated and meticulous during the sessions. They were very dedicated and were considerate to my needs.


I am very glad that this ancient Indian treatment that had been around for more than 5000 years has finally made it to Pittsburgh ! I think we are definitively lucky to have Dr. Lina in Pittsburgh. I feel better considerably better after the 10 sessions and much more relaxed and calm and more aligned with mind, body and spirit. I have decided to continue with my biannual Panchakarma treatment and looking forward to the next one.


S N (Downingtown PA)

7 days Panchakarma Program - Hip joint pain

Health concerns - dislocation hip and pain, exhaustion

My PK exerience - EXCELLENT, PRODUCTIVE. I would do it again.

Results - Pain almost gone, Exhaustion almost gone. Hip is imorved.

Sleeping without medication, anger is gone, digestion is restored

C. C. (Washington D.C.)

7 Days Panchakarm

Health Concerns – Insomina, constipation, feeling angry/sad, weight issues

My Panchakarma experience

My experience become rather chaotically. The treatments were very healing plus refreshing plus worth the early stages.

Staff - Gary, Caitlyn, Melissa and Dr. Lina – wonderful

Results – My digestion seems to be restored. I didn’t feel angry, I feel grounded. I am able to sleep without medication. I feel lighter, more like my former self.

I feel infinity better, so much calmer, happy, and utterly tranquil


Just finished my 10th day of Panchakarma and I feel infinity better than I did 10days ago. I’m much to relaxed to write much now/ today I was finally able to truly relax and receive the healing energy of the treatments. I am feeling so much calmer, happy, and utterly tranquil. Thank you Melissa and Dr. Lina for your nurturing attentions.

Wonderful. I feel so much better now. I just had 38 days of Panchakarma last fall in India, and the Abhyanga I just experienced with Ayurvedic technician was unforgettable to my needs. She is an excellent therapist, it was amazing! And when a vata issue came up, I was feeling over stimulated. She did a great job of working it out and bringing me back to a state of balance. I highly recommended this program and look forward to meeting Dr. Lina. Namaste

Improvement in HAIRGROWTH for Alopecia condition

N & O

Panchakarma experience:

Health concerns - Severe hair loss for my 10 yrs old daughter, diagnosed as Alopecia.

14 sessions of child panchakarma - Staff was wonderful, explained each process with detail including ingredients used, for what reasons, all the steps with easy to understand terms even for children, Very thorough sessions, very detailed, excellent staff. Very gentle and kind.

Results - Improvement in HAIRGROWTH, Decreased amount of hair loss, overall increased sense of well-being.

Physician (For 10 yrs old daughter)

Daughter - I enjoyed my treaments. They were very relaxing and the staff was very nice. I like steam towel, it heather my body and made me feel great. The stomahc massage helped my digestion wonderfully. The back massage and head massage relaxed me a lot. The nose drops and face pwder cleanserd my nose.

Results - Hairgrowth for Alopecial condition

Talking to Dr. Lina is my best part, I want to live with her.

Dentist from Suadi Arabia

5 Days Panchakarma

Name –Ru’a Mulla (Saudi Arabia) Date - 05/2012

  • Health Concerns –Hyper thyroid, Acni
  • My Panchakarma experience

I didn’t know much about what I am going through, but each time I finish the Panchakarma session, I feel clear minded and focused. Taking to Dr. Lina is my best part, I want to live with her. She relaxes me and give me hope and that what I needed. Thank you very much Dr. Lina.

  • Staff – All are very nice and welcoming, They are smiling all the time and wants you to be relaxed like at home.


S. N. (Downingtown PA)

7 days Panchakarma Program - Hip joint pain

Health concerns - dislocation hip and pain, exhaustion

My PK exerience - EXCELLENT, PRODUCTIVE. I would do it again.

Results - Pain almost gone, Exhaustion almost gone. Hip is improved.

Mental Shuddi, purification from duties of monter of a 9 yrs old child with Autism.

N A (Ohio)

I came to Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute for my son. After watching my son receive and enjoy the treatments, I scehduled myself for 3 days Panchakarma to relieve myself from negative energy and stress and attain physicial and mental shuddhi, detoxification.

Dr. Lina and her staff and the rest of the support, all are very professional and wonderful to work with. Teh experience of undergoing the treatment with mantras was very soothing. music is just wonderful. Sensory experience, very relaxing exeprience.

Wow, I don't know where to start...


I have been dealing with mental health issues along with a slew of physical ailments for over twelve years now. I have tried many many things in my journey to "wellness". But it seemed so elusive. What is/was "wellness"? Nothing seemed to help, or the relief would be temporary and I would end back up in the hospital feeling like a failure all over again.

This past winter I had had it with the traditional medical model of taking a pill to treat something that was caused by a pill that was caused by a pill, and so on and so forth. I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Lina's website (The Ayurveda Wellness Center and Holistic Spa) and make an appointment for consultation.

From the moment I walked in, I was immediately drawn to the calmness of the atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. It was apparent then that I had made a good decision. But the story doesn't end there...it begins there!

I met with Dr. Lina and was impressed by her knowledge. She felt my pulse, looked at my tongue, asked a few general questions, and the amazing part is that she knew exactly what was going on in my life and why I was seeking an alternative treatment. Of course, after that she asked all kinds of questions about my whole medical history, mental and physical, my lifestyle, and so forth. And the best part is...she listened and she cared!

She came up with some solutions right then and there. The program centered on a ten day Pancha Karma routine, including oil massage (abhyanga), steam, oil poured on the third eye (shiro dhara), a special diet (catered to my Dosha, which Dr. Lina also made clear to me) and herbs that were recommended, among other lifestyle changes. I went religiously, feeling myself getting healthier every day that I went back, tracking down the elusive "wellness" that I was looking and hoping for.

The biggest change took place I think day 6 of my Pancha Karma. I had a breakthrough, emotionally, physically, spiritually. I realized that by hurting myself all those years I was only hurting the people who loved me; family, friends...myself! But this wasn't it. Through what Dr. Lina had taught me, I learned that I am the keeper of my own wellness, and it is not elusive. On the contrary, it is how we choose to treat our bodies, and the choices we make that determine our wellness.

So, I am continuing to follow up with Dr. Lina and I have taken other classes as well, such as ayurvedic cooking and yoga. I am following her recommendations, making the changes in my life such as getting up earlier, doing self-massages, drinking certain teas, eating healthier, practicing meditation, and yoga. And I have never felt more in control of my life. My energy level is up, my thoughts are more clear, my digestive problems have been cleared, and I have received many compliments on how much better I look.

I have been getting progressively better as I cleanse the toxins from my body, but I also know that this lifestyle change is lifelong and I will continue to get better. Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me, thanks to Dr. Lina and also her staff. We are so lucky as Pittsburghers to have an Ayurvedic center such as this, with this quality, in our area.

So thank you to Dr. Lina. And thank you to her staff. I know that the Ayurveda Wellness Center is part of my life now. I will continue to follow up there. After the twelve years of my life lost to illness I am ready for the wellness that the Center offers. I encourage anyone who wants to improve their quality of life to contact Dr. Lina.

More Balanced Blood Pressure

J. P.

My MINI-Panchakarma (Detox) Experience:

  • Health Concerns Before Panchakarma - Hypertentions
  • My Mini –Panchakarma experience -It’s a very pleasant environment with dedicated staff. I learned simple ways of improving my health without drugs. It was worth every dollar and I will continue with their progeam.
  • Staff – I loved working with them,
  • Results – More balanced blood pressure.

Dr. Lina is the most knowledgeable and skilled doctor I have ever met

C. M.

First cycle of 7 days pk..to be continued for 21 days PK

Autoimmune issues


Excess weight

My PK Experience

INCREDIBLE I feel very relaxed and feel cleansed and looking forward to continuing

Dr. Lina is the most knowledgeable and skilled doctor I have ever met. I believe she will get me through my health issues to heal my body and get good health back.

Great staff. Both Technicians were fantastic

A work in progress, will be back

FIBROMYALGIA - I NO LOGER HAVE ANY PAIN. Dr. Lina has truly helped me

L. A.

2 weeks Panchakarma

Health concern before Panchakarma –

FIBROMYALGIA, constant pain over entire body. I was doubtful of result from Ayurveda.

My Panchakarma experience – After initial treatments which included a week treatments, followed by another full week, I CAN SAY I AM NO LONGER SKEPTIC. DR. LINA IS GREAT IN MY BOOK. I NO LOGER HAVE ANY PAIN. She has truly helped me.

Staff –excellent, professional and caring

Results – I recommend this for everyone. Also to experience the overall wellness I feel.

Very informative, relaxing and encouraging to change my lifestyle with good results

J. S. (Morgantown PA)

Health concerns before PK

  • Digestion,
  • Hormonal changes and
  • Muscles/joint inflammation

My PK Experience

Very informative, Relaxing and encouraging to change my lifestyle.


  • Excellent, very knowledgeable and trained in the treatments
  • Very supportive

Results :

One step at a time, moving forward daily in one change each week with good results

The Biggest Change I see in Alex is that she has settled more into herself, much less angry and more thoughtful. She seems more confident. This has been a beautiful change to watch

M. M. (Mother) for A. M. (Daughter - Age 13 yrs )

10 days Teenage - Modified Panchakarma

Health Concerns –Chronic stomach pain, emotionally Angry, Irritable and fatigues.

My Panchakarma experience - The Biggest Change I see in Alex is that she has settled more into herself, much less angry and more thoughtful. She seems more confident. This has been a beautiful change to watch. Her stomach issues however seems to be a little less pain but she still has watery stools and goes 5-6 times/day.

Staff - Caitlyn, Melissa – Alex enjoyed them both. They are warm, attentive and helpful. JUST BEING WITH DR. LINA’S WARMTH AND WISDOM WAS HEALING IN ITSLEF.

Results – I think Panchakarma is a big step in the right direction. I am hopeful that her healing will continue and have more physical benefits also.