Kind Words From Our Satisfied Guests

Kind Words From Our Satisfied Guests
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Spa Guest Testimonials 


I was surprised in a wonderful way. Not knowing what to expect I found such a wonderful, relaxing experience. I feel calm and at peace which doesn't happen often. Thank you.

G. T.

After going through CT scans, Colonoscopy & many tests I was disappointed with western doctor's diagnosis & no cure of my right lower abdominal pain. Tech here knew about “Psoas” muscle treatment and first time I found my diagnosis and cure at Ayurveda Center after two years at western doctor's mercy. Thanks.

S. G.

A perfect Saturday afternoon. Thank you Dr. Lina for the insight and the love. So blessed to have found you on my journay. I'll be back. Thanks.


This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm very thankful that I found you. I definitely will be back! Blessings.


Wonderful and relaxing. Worth the trip from Ohio!

S. R.

A relaxing massage and the therapist was peaceful and wonderful experience.

Thank you.


Thank you for helping me experience a state of peace, relaxation, and joy for my future. The massage was awesome – and I will be back again. Your knowledge and expertise shows – always with the joy in your work. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this form of healing to Pittsburgh.

S. W.

Lovely and relaxing treatment. Thank you. Namaste.

L. A.

Dear Gary and all at this center, Thank you for this remarkable experience. I have been suffering from past traumas and have been working hard in “talk” therapy to try to achieve more healing. But recently a close friend told me “you live above your body like a highway above a billboard. So – I came here today to try “re-entering” my body. Gary was so peaceful and caring. I had not mentioned any of this but I could tell immediately that I was in safe and healing hands. I let my mind go and though I joked about being in my happy place, truly I was seeing memories and past experiences float up and then away. I continued to feel safe even as this happened and the warm oils and steam helped reconnect pieces of myself. I thank you deeply.


Truly beautiful experience. And truly grateful. Thank you.

C. N.

Thank you, staff, for bringing me closer to my center!

S. H.

Thank you for the abhyanga and shirodhara. The pressure was perfect and I enjoyed the extra chakra work. I feel so relaxed and can’t wait for another session!

J. D.

I felt the detox throughout my session. I enjoyed the treatment too. I look forward to learning more about Ayurveda Medicine. Thank you. Good Medicine.

N. S.

We were here from Ohio for 7 day Panchakarma to my 9 year old autistic son. Surprisingly, he co-operated well from day 1 and looked forward to coming here everyday for his Panchakarma. Technicians are genuinely nice, caring and skilled. My son got along with all right away, Had wonderful experience and we are expecting positive changes in him gradually. I decided to get 3 day Panchakarma for myself. As a mother of an autistic child, going through day to day stress, I felt so much better relieving stress and negativity. Felt relaxed and rejuvinated. Thank you Dr. Lina, techs and front desk staff. Will be back.

B. W.

I feel so totally taken care of. Thank you.


Thank you so much ! The massage was lovely and much needed! I feel so relaxed now! I will certainly return again. Many Thanks.


The most relaxing feeling I had ever had! I will be back. Thank you for the comfort that you made me feel. Also, your place is so beautiful and soup was great! Thank you.


After My treatment today I feel I can jump start my proper heath regiment of eating, exercise and emotional toxins that we allow us to enter. Thank you. I will return.

B. & K. W.

A wonderful, relaxing treatment for my husband and I. We look forward to our next experience.

C. B.

I feel so rejuvenated! So wonderful.

L. R.

I always look forward to my time here. Tech did a wonderful job. I feel very refreshed and energized.

Thank you.

L. J.

First time. Fabulous. Very healing.



Very relaxing treatment. Great environment! I will be coming back soon.

S. A.

Such an amazing experience. This is my first massage and I wish I would have done this sooner. I am so relaxed I can hardly think to spell my words properly. Ayurveda Technician here is awesome and I definitely will be back!


Wonderful! Much needed! The beginning of more of this. Taking care and honoring. Now is the time. Thank you. It was an honor to share the experience with you! Namaste P.S. Tech was very well skilled, knowledgeable and has smart hands. Thank you!


My husband and I had a wonderful experience while getting a couple's massage. This was our gift to each other on our anniversary and now we know that it was a wonderful idea and that we'll be back again. Thank you very much to our technician's who made every moment very special!


What an incredible experience! I am wonderfully relaxed and calm. So happy and grateful for the gental massage and delicious food.

R. K.

Great relaxing treatment. I could feel the tension and stress melt away. So good to have experienced this after it was suggested by my wife. Will be back for sure. Many Thanks.

K.T. & N.T.

Feel the difference after Abhyanga massage for both husband and wife. Thank you and Blessings.

S. H.

This was my first time coming here. Heather was the best. I feel wonderful. I will definitely be coming back.

M. E.

Namaste to everyone – Thank you very much for the pampering attentions and lavish treatment today. Wonderful Job!


Thank you! I feel so much better! I love this place!

E. S.

The most satisfying, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage and detox session I have ever had. Wonderful staff and atmosphere. I had my doubts that anything could relieve the stress and tension held in my neck and back – but this truly did that and more. I will be telling others and will be returning myself

N. V.

Healed and nourished. I am grateful. Thank you so much!

C. O.

Thank you Dr. Lina and staff for this extraordinary life changing 7 Day Panchakarma. I was headed toward a life of pills and pain but you gave me hope for healing. You gave me insight into how I was living my life and guidelines to improve it. I received care and attention that was genuine instead of from someone who was anxious to move onto the next patient. Thank you also for the pure relaxation! I will be back soon!

J. L. G.

I have practiced Western medicine for 20 years and nothing prepared me for this beautiful life changing experience. I have hope again that I will live more healthy with Joy... Instead of Pain/Sorrow.

God Bless

O. S.

Thank you for the uplifting and calming experience. I expected to feel relaxed but I felt so much more both spiritually and emotionally. Namaste


I am very grateful that you provided this experience for me and on a Sunday too. What a relaxing and rejuvenating time. This was just wonderful from the moment I walked in the door. My senses were enraptured and my body is at ease. Thank you for the


Abhyanga massage with steam the perfect way to start a vacation, You made my first ayurvedic experience an AWESOME one

J. H.

We heard about this treatment from a friend who went to Bali and cured his back pain. There are not many places in the U.S. we have found to offer it. Luckily, we were in town for a wedding and had time for a visit. We loved the whole experience, from the ceremony to the oils and massage to the healthy soup afterwards. We are leaving with a sense of relaxation, balance, and calm. Thank you!


Thank you so much for the memorable experience and massage! Looking forward to my next visit already!


Thank you so much for an absolutely lovely experience – so grateful for you and the healthy feeling.

P. A.

2nd day of Abhyanga with Gary. I love being in the space It's so loving and nurturing. So Grateful Dr. Lina is here and has worked so hard and dedicated herself for our health and well-being. Namaste! So much appreciated! I feel more alive and relaxed. Thanks Gary! I so enjoyed your humor and your strong warm hands. Peace, love and light to all! I wish abundance and success for this center.


Back pain and hip pain gone after 2 treatments. Never knew about “Psoas” muscle.

Love L.

I had forgotten to take time for myself in so long. This was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that you all are here for when we need to feel like ourselves again. Thanks you so so so very much.


Healing is a gift from God. Dr. Lina and her staff make it possible to achieve this healing. The knowledge and care and love is given and gratefully received. I am much better and thankful for this special place.