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Super- Specialty Ayurveda Institute is committed to support our clients with high quality ayurvedic products. Most of the products our Institute offers are USDA certified organic.

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Give your loved one the gift of holistic healing, like a consultation, seminar/master class or products from our store. You can even add this to your own wish list! We offer gift certificate in any amount. 

Our suppliers support sustainable harvesting, follow fair trade practices, and do not carry plants that are known to be endangered. Our herbs and products made from them are independently tested for the presence of heavy metals at certified laboratories in the USA.

Products For Your Wellness Support

Dr. Lina Thakar, Ayurveda Doctor designed and created a line of traditional Ayurvedic products in 2012 for integrative health care and wellness. They are formulated according to ancient Ayurvedic principles, methods and hand-crafted with organic ayurvedic healing spices, oils and healing herbs

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