​Kind Words From Our Satisfied Guests

Kind Words From Our Satisfied Guests
Customized Panchakarma

Kids Testimonials 

My headaches are gone and it felt better

S. E.

I love it! It was so relieving and claming! I am less stressed and feel really good. My headaches are gone and it felt better. My skin feel smoother. Thanks! Melissa was great and really nice and it helped a lot.

I. Age 13 yrs ( Kid's modified Panchakarma)

It felt great. It was sooooo relaxing

D. I.

It felt great. It was sooooo relaxing and made my muscles relaxed too. I was calm, Lexi was awesome. She made me feel comfortable, relaxed and calm.

O. Age 9yrs ( Kid's modified Panchakarma)


J. A.

Health Concerns:

Ongoing treatment for autism.

My Panchakarma Experience:

Enjoyed 7-day Panchakarma sessions with staff. The entire experience with Dr. Lina and her staff was positive and uplifting.

We are continuing Panchakarma sessions which is the only program that is helping our son for autism. This is our second time at Dr. Lina's institute. We have planned to continue the program and have already booked 2 more programs for fall and winter.

For Autism - Experience shared by parents

B. E.

9 year old non-verbal autistic child.

Our child enjoyed the time at the center under care of Dr. Lina and Ayurvedic treatments conducted at the institute. Dr. Lina took time to explain the reasons for the treatments according to the principles of Ayurveda and the expected results.
Results :
He is more confident, more focused, calm and important of all, he is more pronounce about his choices/answers.
He is doing good at school.

Our personal note as parents - Gratification, faith, knowledge and peace.

Special Thanks - Dr. Lina and her entire staff at the Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute is very professional, caring and accomodating. There is a personal touch to the treatment
(highly customized to imbalance). Our son loved being here and felt comfortable and at home.

I will definitely come back here to enjoy another massage

R. K.

It was calming and it cleared my mind. I really enjoyed my session. Melissa was great. I will definitely come back here to enjoy another massage. Thanks you!

A. Age -12 yrs (Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massahe plus nasya nasal treatment)

Improvement in HAIRGROWTH for Alopecia condition

N & O

Panchakarma experience:

Health concerns - Severe hair loss for my 10 yrs old daughter, diagnosed as Alopecia.

14 sessions of child panchakarma - Staff was wonderful, explained each process with detail including ingredients used, for what reasons, all the steps with easy to understand terms even for children, Very thorough sessions, very detailed, excellent staff. Very gentle and kind.

Results - Improvement in HAIRGROWTH, Decreased amount of hair loss, overall increased sense of well-being.

Physician (For 10 yrs old daughter)

Daughter - I enjoyed my treaments. They were very relaxing and the staff was very nice. I like steam towel, it heather my body and made me feel great. The stomahc massage helped my digestion wonderfully. The back massage and head massage relaxed me a lot. The nose drops and face pwder cleanserd my nose.

Results - Hairgrowth for Alopecial condition

We thank Dr. Lina and her entire team for being so supportive in helping my son become a self-sufficient and a confident individual.

L. H.

My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. We tried many therapies, different schools, different methods of learning and did not see much difference. Finally, when he turned 9, we decided to start Ayurvedic treatment for him. We initially started the Ayurveda treatment in India. The doctors at the Indian Ayurvedic center told us that with the panchkarma treatment every few months, there will be noticeable difference in my son’s condition.

When we came back from India, I started searching Ayurveda center in the US. I found the Ayurveda Wellness Institute at Pittsburgh. I made a call and booked an appointment with Dr. Lina. During our initial consultation, we immediately found her very knowledgeable and confident, and we knew that we are in the right hands.

We started his Ayurvedic medicine as Dr. Lina prescribed along with the dietary recommendations. We started his 7-day panchkarma under Dr. Lina's guidance. The atmosphere of the panchkarma room was very calm and positive. The technician was very detail oriented and dedicated, and that made a huge difference. My son felt comfortable and at home. After 1.5 years and 4 panchkarma sessions, he is very calm, focused and is making good progress at school. His understanding has improved a lot. We find him become more confident, improved eye contact and he is learning many skills to be independent at school and at home. We consult Dr. Lina whenever we have questions or concerns and we change his Ayurvedic medicines as per her guidance.

Now as parents, we know that we are on the right path and we thank Dr. Lina and her entire team for being so supportive in helping my son become a self-sufficient and a confident individual.

Note from A MOTHER - We have 2 stories to share of our two lovely daughters (age 7 & 10 yrs) and our experience with Dr. Lina Thakar

M. M.

Our younger daughter who is 7, was chronically sick with respiratory tract and stomach infections. As a result, she was a bit of a cranky kid. We felt like we were always in the doctor’s office getting antibiotics. Finally we learned that she had an IgA deficiency which meant that her body has a hard time fighting these types of infections. The doctors basically said that there is nothing we can do except to provide low level antibiotics taken daily. We tried it but she was still getting sick.

Last Christmas Eve, she became very sick and we spent the day in ER since she was vomiting through the night. This was the last straw. We decided we needed to do something different. I knew Lina Thakar as a friend. I remembered her talking to me about Ayurvedic medicine so decided to give her a call.

We went to see Lina at her office the following week. Lina spent an hour talking with our daughter and us about diet, stomach pain, daily habits, things she likes, etc. She made us feel very comfortable and also gave her a physical check up.

Within a few days, she sent us a thorough report which identified her weaknesses and how to correct them through diet. We started our daughter on a diet plan as recommended by Lina and saw an immediate change in her personality. Our babysitter commented on how she seems happier. Two teachers from school called us to tell us they have noticed a huge change in our daughter’s personality. It’s like she was coming out of her shell and truly beginning to blossom. She seemed happier. Also, she has not been sick since we have followed the diet plan. I know this sounds odd, but none of the teachers or babysitter knew we were changing anything. They each independently noticed a behavior change in our daughter which we attribute to the diet changes. All I see is that now our daughter is healthier and happier.

Our older daughter was diagnosed with seasonal allergies (grass and tree pollen). She was taking Claritin, nasal sprays, steam etc. Last summer, it all became a bit unbearable and the medicines did not seem to help. I decided to give Lina a call since I have had some success in other therapies with her. We took my 10 year old to her and she gave her a head/face/ and body massage. Our daughter absolutely loved it. Her quote after the massage was “Mommy, I can breathe again”. The effect was long lasting and Lina also provided some oils to be used in the nasal passages. Now before she goes to bed, I give her a quick sinus/face massage with the oils and her allergies are much better controlled without all the medications. Thanks Lina.