​Panchakarma ​Cleansing Diet

Customized Panchakarma

​Dr. Lina Thakar's ​Cleansing & Healing Diet

Cleansing & Healing Diet
Dr. Lina Thakar Designed and Customized Super-Specialty Panchakarma Program
  • During Panchakarma cleansing, a specific Ayurvedic light diet is recommended to help balance the digestive system. 
  • All food offered at the center is fresh, organic and vegetarian which is recommended during Panchakarma cleansing.
  • Enjoy everyday specially prepared ayurvedic soups such as khichari, kanji and daal soup

**If you have any food restrictions or concerns, please let us know.

**If you have any food restrictions or concerns, please let us know.

​Ayurvedic Soups are complementary and are included in PanchKarma program.

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Specialized Integrative Wellness Healing Program for Natural Prevention & Well-being in the United States.

​Meal Preparation Options :

It is recommended to support your program with following preparations at home.


  • Spiced Stewed Fruits & Herbal Tea

Lunch & Dinner

  • Kitchari (Mung dal lentils, and basmati rice with digestive khichari spices are available as Khichari kit at the center.)
  • Vegetables cooked in Khichari spices
  • Fresh fruits

*It is highly recommended to include herbal teas and water to maintain hydration during Panchakarma program.

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