Dr. Lina Thakar Designed and Customized Super-Specialty Panchakarma Program

Ayurveda Healing Entree - Begin Your Holistic Healing Journey 

Consultation is waived when enrolled in any of our Ayurveda programs.

 3 Months Healing Program

 When you embrace our program, you are investing in your own health. We are committed to your positive results and success. 

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Begin Your Holistic Healing Journey

Ayurveda Beginning and Experience

3 Months Healing Process


Integrative Approach & Customized by Dr. Thakar

2 DAYS PANCHAKARMA  Healing Treatments (3 hrs each)

Supplies included

2 Follow up laser sessions  (a month apart)

*12 Weeks of Holistic Health Modules Support (Premium)

Herbs (in house) Additional 1 month (PREMIUM)


                        Investment: $5000.00 ( OR 3 payments of $1750/month)

Investment: $7500.00 *PREMIUM ( OR 3 payments of $2550/month)


Call 727 - 400 - 4255 to enroll or for questions 


aiwi honors price reconsideration requests made by many clients to embrace dr lina thakar's panchakarma program. aiwi is pleased to announce $400/session investement for panchakarma. (effective immidiately)

Health Investment:

Each of our Panchakarma program is designed and customized by Dr. Lina Thakar, Ayurveda Physician specific to your imbalance. Please review Health Investment chart that includes all the supplies for the program including add-on therapies. Post Program products to be purchased separate

Your program consists of the following Ayurvedic treatments: 3 hours. *Includes Complementary Khichari stew and Herbal Teas after each session. 

  • Daily Abhyanga - oil massage administered specific to the client’s constitution
  • Daily Swedan – steam therapy to remove toxins
  • Daily Shirodhara – a calming and balancing treatment for the nervous system
  • Daily Add-on Therapy specific to your imbalance as designed by Dr. Lina Thakar
  • Vibrations Mantra therapy
  • Aromatharapy
  • Complementary special Panchakarma Khichari Soup – to facilitate cleansing and nourishment
  • A personalized health and wellness plan – to support the client after the program
  • During & Post Panchakarma (15 days) email support
Your program consists of the following Ayurvedic treatments:


  • $25 Fee will be charged if PK is reschedule within 24 hours.
  • Ayurveda Institute is committed to your Panchakarma schedule, it is requested to be flexible for last minute change in sessions upon technician's availability due to last minute health issue etc. We try best to offer fill-in technician but once a while your session may need to be rescheduled in such situation.

Terms & Conditions

NOTE: Please do not make your travel arrangements until you have received definite confirmation of your panchakarma program appointment date.

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Specialized Integrative Wellness Healing Program for Natural Prevention & Well-being in the United States.

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